Founded in 1948/9, GRTU is one of the leading constituted bodies and social partner recognised at law representing owners of small and medium enterprises and is today considered to be the major organisation that continually campaigns for the rights of importers, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and service providerson a global level. GRTU is a non-political organisationthat serves as the small businesses’ voice within government departments and state corporations and authorities and has gained wide recognition both on a national level as well as worldwide.

The GRTU is led by a President and 16 voluntary Council Members. The GRTU staff is composed of the Chief Executive Officer, the executives dealing with the local and locality issues, an EU and International Desk, a team of executives dealing with the environment laws and obligations and the back office who take care of secretarial duties and membership collection.


Internationally we cooper with various organisations in other countries with whom we have bilateral agreements signed and with whom we cooperate on business delegation visits and trade missions.

GRTU also meets all foreign consulates for Malta whom we brief on the strategic importance of Malta and out strong points which would be of interest to that particular country.


EU Level
GRTU operates at the European level both directly, by having our own people represented on Committees and Institutions, and indirectly, through our membership within umbrella organisations that represent employers organisations at EU level.

GRTU has been represented directly on this important EU Institution for social dialogue for the last eight years. On the EESC GRTU does not only have the opportunity to sound its views during discussions but also write reports and opinions on Commission document of importance to enterprises and the economy such as the Small Business Act and the Single Market Act.

UEAPME/ EuroCommerce
GRTU is board member of both organisations. GRTU collaborates closely with these umbrella organisations and in this way we ensure that when we are not consulted locally we are still informed and through this representation GRTU participates in conferences and projects of importance to sectors we represent.



As a social partner GRTU has the opportunity to sit and represent its members on various national fora. GRTU’s representatives are nominated from GRTU’s Council or section leaders and are always chosen for their expertise in the subject. On these various councils or boards GRTU is actively consulted on important issues and is involved in discussions. GRTU is represented on the most important national boards and fora:




Malta Enterprise board








Pricing Committees

Enterprise Consultative Council

Green Economy Steering Group

Active Labour Market Policies Committee



Horizontal Issues

GRTU tackles different issues every day however we have some horizontal topics on which work is always ongoing. A number of position papers for each topic are available. Amongst these are:


Reducing Administrative Burdens

Consumer Acquis

Environmental Obligations

Removal of trade barriers

Fight against protectionism

Taxation and Financial matters

Transport and Logistics

Small Business Act

Internal Market

Payment Systems

Enterprise Policy




GRTU represents a vast array of business sectors. GRTU’s sections are organised through committees which meet regularly and representatives from the sector form the GRTU Executive Council. The sectors GRTU represents can be organised under the following sectors:



Stationeries and Bookshops

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Agriculture and Animals

Meat producers and processors

Clothing, footwear, wearing apparel, jewellery and precious items

Household goods

Catering/restaurants and food

Professional services


Industrial Services



Sport and hobby



IT & Telecommunications

Construction & contractors



An important theme for the GRTU is the Locality.  GRTU is the only national organization that has a strong presence in all of the localities in Malta and Gozo and we give utmost importance to economic activities in the localities. GRTU has excellent relationships with the association of Local Councils and with individual Local Councils. Together, currently, we do our utmost to facilitate better traffic management, project building and action that enhances the viability of private services in the Community.  

GRTU notes that Government policies continue to emphasise the zones traditionally associated with enterprise and employment where factories, hotels, Government establishments and the larger private establishment are situated (Harbour area ect…) while very little emphasis is given to promote work and enterprise in the Localities.  GRTU believes that given the multiplicity of problems caused by excessive road transport and the over utilization of Localities like Valletta and the whole Harbour area, Government should launch attractive incentives so that more work and enterprise is generated in the Localities.

Within the Locality GRTU represents its members and the interest of the business community in general and it takes care of traffic management issues, parking problems, Loading and unloading bays, road works and the organisation of activities to attract commerce to the community.


EU and International Desk

The EU and International Desk coordinates communications between the local and EU level and links the strategies and work taken up at EU level with our members. The Desk coordinates the link between our Brussels representations with the umbrella organisation, our work at the EESC and the work we do locally. The Desk filters consultations and replies with position papers after consulting its members. The Desk also monitors and informs its members about funding opportunities. In this regard the Desk holds a number of informative and consultative meetings to which members participate.

The Desk also takes care of establishing international contacts and manage delegation visits.



GRTU issues a number of publications, a regular News Release featuring important day-to-day topics. This News Release also serves as an important tool in keeping our members updated on what GRTU is doing; changes in laws and consultations; funding and other opportunities; and meeting and conference notices.

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