GRTU - General Retailers and Traders Union - Association of General Retailers and Traders - is Malta's national organisation of independent private businesses. With over 7,000 members coming from 12,000 different business outlets, GRTU represents the largest group of retailers of goods and services, contractors, distributors, wholesalers and independent technical and professional services. GRTU represents Maltese traders and retailers on various national fora including the Malta Council for Economic Development, the Planning Authority, the Advisory Board of the National Organisation, the Fruit and Vegetables Board, the Commission for the Self Employed, the Council for Consumer Affairs and the Traffic Control Board.

GRTU's policies have always been geared towards the fostering of private venture and the advancement of small and medium-sized owner managed enterprises. GRTU believes that greater prosperity is within reach if commercial principles and practices rather than political ideology were to guide economic policy-making.

GRTU's statute provides for a multi-type organisation of businesses that posses a common cause. The six Divisions under which entrepreneurs can join the Association's different sections are: Supply of Household and Personal goods; Construction Civil Engineering and Development; supply of Hospitality and Leisure Services; supply of Nutrition and Health goods; supply of General Services and Small Manufacturing Enterprises.


Trade Sections organised within GRTU are the following:

  •      Pharmacy Owners
  •      Beauty Clinics
  •      Dispensing Opticians
  •      Confectioners and Pastizzeria
  •      Wines, Spirits and Tobacconist
  •      Open Air Market Stalls
  •      Supermarkets, Self Service Stores and Mini Markets
  •      Distributors of Beverages
  •      Pork and Beef Distributors
  •      Fruit and Vegetable Importers
  •      Middleperson of Agricultural Products
  •      Bakers and Breadsellers
  •      Health Foods, Nutrition and Herbal Remedy Specialists
  •      General Wholesalers and Food Stuffs Distributors
  •      Animal Breeders and Farm Owners
  •      Fisheries and Fish Hawkers
  •      Manufacturers of Detergents
  •      Green Grocers and Vegetable Hawkers
  •      Book Shops, Stationers and News Agents
  •      Footwear Retailers
  •      Household Retailers
  •      Textile and Piecegoods Retailers
  •      Furniture Retailers
  •      HiFi, TV's and Videos Importers and Retailers
  •      Toyshops
  •      Sports Goods
  •      Video Rentals
  •      Brown  White Electrical Goods Retailers
  •      Pets, Gardening and Florists Shops
  •      Bathroom Supplies Importers and Retailers
  •      Watches Retailers and Importers
  •      Wearing Apparel, Furs and Outfitters, Importers and Retailers
  •      Antique Dealers
  •      Bicycle Shops
  •      Second Hand Car Dealers
  •      Auto: Importers, Dealers, Auto parts
  •      Office Equipment, Importers and Retailers
  •      Photographers, Professionals and Retail Outlets
  •      Kerosene Hawkers
  •      Petrol Stations Owners
  •      Auto Mechanics Sprayers and Panel Beaters
  •      Electricians
  •      General Repairers
  •      General Technicians
  •      Gas Distributors
  •      Hair Salons
  •      Fuel Jobbers
  •      Water Bowser Operators
  •      Computer Electronics: Importers, Repairs, Consultancy, Sales
  •      Lotto Receivers
  •      Hardware Importers
  •      Cargo Hauliers (Burdnara)
  •      Insurance SubOffices
  •      General Importers, Exporters
  •      Furniture Manufacturers
  •      Hauliers of Construction Material (Burdnara)
  •      Glass Blowers
  •      Agro Industries
  •      Craftsman/Artiggjanat
  •      Aluminium Workshops
  •      Wrought Iron Workshops
  •      Hardware Stores
  •      Estate Agents
  •      Hard Stone Quarry Owners
  •      Soft Stone Quarry Owners
  •      Concrete Suppliers
  •      Trenching Work Contractors
  •      Road and Civil Engineering Contractors
  •      Building Contractors
  •      Whitewashers and Plasterers
  •      Tilelayers
  •      Tile Manufacturers
  •      Marble Works
  •      Carpenters and Joiners
  •      Stone works and Building Contractors
  •      Plumbers
  •      Hire of Construction Equipment
  •      Fibreglass works
  •      Boat Builders
  •      Sign Maker Printers
  •      Gold, Silver and Jewellery Shops
  •      Discotheques
  •      Night Clubs
  •      Bar Owners
  •      Restaurant Owners, Cafeterias
  •      Snack Bars
  •      Gym and Sports Facilities
  •      Ta' Qali Crafts Village Owners
  •      Mobile Kiosks
  •      Wedding hall Owners
  •      Diving Schools
  •      Harbour Cruise Operators
  •      Engineering Services
  •      Marine Mechanics
  •      Independent Entertainment and Hobbies Shops
  •      Boat Repairers

The Sections offer an opportunity for different types of traders, retailers, and self-employed and local producers to make their voice heard and advise on the better organisation and promotion of their trade sector. Sections are semi-autonomous action groups and the better organised operate like independent associations. Each section co-ordinates its actions with the permanent central administration as provided for by the Director General of GRTU. Each section strives to better the position of its members and to keep abreast with the business scene within the country, the sector and internationally while securing support and sharing the experience of other operators from trade sections.

GRTU provides an unparalleled organisation structure notwithstanding the varied nature of the members' activities. GRTU encourages also the formation of local action groups to air their views on a local level. GRTU is cognisant of the fact that nobody is better aware of the peculiarities of the locality in which the business operates than the entrepreneurs themselves.

In recent years, GRTU has embarked on a decentralisation programme in which entrepreneurs from different areas meet on a regular basis to discuss their problems. Each zone elects its own area representative whose main aim is to co-ordinate between locality and the central administration.

As a result of these developments GRTU is Today offering service to members at the national, trade sectoral, local and individual basis. In the next few years GRTU will be enhancing its services to the individual entrepreneurs in his efforts to achieve greater professionalism.


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