GRTU has developed a vast range of services based on the needs of its members. These are outlined below:

 Information for your Business

The information is constant and too heavy for a business that does not afford any waste of time. GRTU takes care of this and informs its members directly about what they personally need through emails, letters and phone calls about the most important issues. As a GRTU member you will also receive a weekly newsletter with the most important information for business, updating you on the most important occurrences during an entire week. 

Funding and Scheme Opportunities

Surely you have heard of opportunities of financing and schemes that your enterprise can benefit from. These are numerous and GRTU can help you find the funds you need and make use of the schemes that are available for EVERY business. These include grants to buy equipment and machinery and make upgrades in your business, tax credits, assistance on employment and training for employees, etc. ...

Representation with Local Authorities

With the help of GRTU you are no longer on your own, we are there every step of the way to ensure that your business problems will be solved. We speak with the authorities on your behalf and organize meetings so you can speak directly with the Ministers. GRTU guarantees  that your issues are followed up and resolved so that  you have your mind at rest while you are busy  taking  care of your business. GRTU takes care of your interest as a member with the authorities on the boards and committees where we are represented so that no decisions are taken against your business interest. Where this takes place we take immediate action. GRTU will also involve you and ask for your opinion before a decision is taken that directly effects your business.

Representation in your Locality

GRTU holds regular meetings with all local councils and maintains this communication to ensure that on the behalf of our members the Local Council takes into account the views of our members. GRTU discuss with the local council issues of embellishments in the road, projects, parking, and special events such as fairs and festivals to ensure that businesses can continue to operate successfully.

Exploring New Markets

When we joined the European Union, Malta no longer remained a market of 500 thousand but became a market of 500 million. To grow Maltese businesses must expand outside our shores not only to the European market, but also to developing countries where private investment is needed and offers significant opportunities for businesses. GRTU organizes delegations where Maltese businesses visit other countries to explore opportunities and meet other traders. GRTU also welcomes foreign businessmen who want to do business with Maltese traders.

Representation on an EU Level

Most of the issues that affect businesses today emanate from the European Union. These include many positive things but sometimes they can also affect business negatively. This however depends on how we present the case of Malta and that of Maltese business. The presence of GRTU is strong in the European Union and GRTU ensures that your voice is heard in Europe and as a business you know what's going on and what is important to your business.

Initiatives & Special Services for Members

On behalf of its members, GRTU negotiates special packages and services that businesses need. They are tailor made for the need of small businesses with a special price. These include among others `insurance services and protection on credit.

Training and Seminars

GRTU believes that for business to remain competitive, both the owners and their employees need to update their skills and undergo regular training. GRTU provides regular opportunities for training its members both locally and abroad. Providing specialized courses, on various different topics that are very useful and helpful when running a business today. These include topics such as health and safety, authentication of money, protecting your business when doing business abroad, access to funds, and much more.

Free Legal Advice

GRTU offers free legal advice to its members through an in-house lawyer who is available every Tuesday afternoon at the GRTU offices. The lawyer sees members by appointment.


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